Frantic Time at the Mall.

I went over to Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks just to kill time.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend and the retail stores are in an absolute panic about falling sales.

The mall hired professional dancers to put on a show. A crowd watched a man and woman swing around like Astaire and Rogers.  Anything to get the masses back into the stores.

Every single window of every single store had a markdown, or sale sign. “50% OFF!”. There was not a single retailer who wasn’t trying their damnest to move merchandise.

Walking around Bloomingdales’ Mens department was sad. Here were racks and racks of $150, $295, $330 denim jeans with 60% off signs. The jeans were cheap and ugly. The prices were obscene and even the sale prices were a rip-off.  How long have these stores been scamming the public with t-shirts and jeans that will set one back $500?  Are these retailers living in the same world where people cannot afford to make their mortgage, college tuition or medical insurance payments?

Lunatic fragrance and Kabuki masked cosmetic salespeople rushed up to us in an attempt to sell us their utterly useless overpriced snake oil.  Bloomingdales has a block long wall of fragrance that never goes on sale. I wonder how they are going to sell it all.

And only the Apple Store seemed to be packed. It didn’t have a SINGLE THING discounted. They only sell great products for full price.

Maybe all the department stores with their crappy denim should study Apple and ask themselves if perhaps quality does matter after all.

One thought on “Frantic Time at the Mall.

  1. …another frustrated Thanksgiving shopper…I really enjoyed reading this article above and can not tell you how much I agree with the idea of quality products beating out quantity markdowns!

    With regards to Apple stores, they can also pride themselves on customer service which seems to be a lost art in some other stores these days.

    A recent example I can share is with a shopping experience I just had with Pottery Barn Kids. No one will argue with the quality of their products, however, I was extremly dissappinted with the customer service and I walked out of the store vowing to not go back. If I am about to spend $250 on a bean bag for my 1-year old daughter, I would expect at least a smile. (Not at pottery Barn).



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