In prestigious Grosse Point Farms, MI, just a block or two from the lake, is this lovely home…..

…….which costs less than most homely, tacky, tiny houses in Lake Balboa.

Showing that there is a direct correlation between economic prosperity and house prices, even the finest suburban areas near Detroit are fast becoming cheap places to invest in.

One thought on “6 bedrooms, 3 baths, 3300 sq ft: $449,000

  1. The neighborhood of that ridiculously overpriced Lake Balboa home, and the multitude of similar homes throughout the valley on narrow lots whose garages face a back alley, look so “middle America” to me. The irony is how that home would fit so well elsewhere in Detroit. Rarely elsewhere in LA do I get such a sense of mid-western déjà vu than in Van Nuys. My 3rd floor apartment on Victory across from Anthony C. Beilenson Park (aka Balboa Park) overlooks such a neighborhood, and with the early morning light hitting the roofs below, it’s eerie how Norman Rockwell-eque the scene looks of ordinary folks living in their homely, tacky, tiny houses. With the recession hitting hard, such images of normalcy bring me comfort.


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