Some Barack Hussein Obama Anagrams.

An anagram is rearranging the letters in a word to create another word.

So I went to the Internet Anagram Server and typed in “Barack Hussein Obama” and here are some of the interesting words and phrases that came up:

A Cabana Hubris Smoke (cigarette smoking arrogance)

A Casaba Bushier Monk

A Casaba Bush Moniker

A Casaba Bunk Heroism (phony heroism?)

A Anaemia Burbs Shock (gas tax?)

A Marihuana Beck Boss (his interns hope so)

A Cabana Broke His Sum (expensive vacations in Hawaii?)

A Cabana Bi Kosher Mus (policy to appease bi-sexual, Jewish and Muslim constituents on vacation)

Babushka Macaronies (the recipe served to Putin on his first visit to the Obama White House)

Bareback Human Oasis (what the Pentagon dreads most from liberal Obama policy on Gays in the military)

Samba Caribou Shaken (Sarah Palin’s delish recipe for Moose Martinis with Cuban rum)

Samurai Kebab Nachos (new State Department edict concerning US policy towards Japan, Turkey and Mexico

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