2009: Around Kester and Victory.

The New Year has brought forth evidence of the great civic pride characteristic of this section of Van Nuys.

ori-b-fogel mall

On Victory and Kester, a mall hosts a shopping cart full of trash. It has sat there for two months, despite the daily presence of dozens of unemployed men who would gladly clean up for $10.


A bus bench is littered with trash. Nobody cares enough to clean it up .



On Victory and Friar, a once tidy multi-family dwelling has a yard full of garbage and debris. It has looked like this for at least two months. A garbage truck drove right past this container and litter without picking it up.

This is the city we live in. Imagine hosting out-of-town visitors and driving them around here?      

Is anyone in charge? Does anybody care?  Who owns these dilapidated and filthy properties?

3 thoughts on “2009: Around Kester and Victory.

  1. I too live in Van Nuys…and I do care. My wife and I bought our 1st house on a quiet street here. We used to have great neighbors who kept up their yards. Unfortunately those neighbors have moved, and now it seems that no one has a lawn mower! its sad to see that people can live like this. Like its no big ddeal. People have no pride in their homes anymore. Im not sure what the problem is….


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