Why can’t I be a collector? My whole life I have hungered for different things, objects, etc. But I’ve never lived around collections like some people do.


Photographs: Todd Selby

These are photographs I found on “The Selby” of a couple (a real man and real woman) named Tracy and Michelle McCormick.  They live here in Los Angeles in a crowded and collection filled space.

These collectors are always odd people who live in odd places like Avenue A in New York, the Catskills, or behind Trader Joes in Silver Lake.


Their showers are full of fun seashells. They collect skulls, soaps, bottles, perfumes, tin advertising signs, religious candles, little plastic Buddhas, red crayons, lunch boxes, Argentinian record albums, spice racks, clocks, watches, Peruvian scarves, bongs, glass paper weights, postcards, irons, old cameras, light bulbs, rope, and picture frames. They display them in artful ways and they always have a few cats running around who jump on the shelves and these people just don’t care.

They live in places with unmade beds, wear untucked shirts, have uncombed hair and usually have started extremely successful companies that make natural products. Or else the people are very poor but manage to cook great food and spend three months a year in Guatemala.


Why can’t I be a collector and learn to accumulate things and stop worrying about dust and decay?

3 thoughts on “Collectors.

  1. We have friends who have a house like this. Their house in Hollywood is one of those places about which you say, “Cool old house. Look at all the stuff. Neat. But can you imagine dusting all of this?” Haha. I get that from my grandmother.


  2. Your photos of the collections are very nice. But I would have to be taken away in a straight jacket if I had to live there. I’m almost as allergic to clutter as I am to cats.


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