Ugliness in Full View.

The New Ugly.
The New Ugly.

Right at a busy junction of Studio City, where Sunswept meets Whitsett, near Ventura, someone is building an aesthetic atrocity, in full view of a gas station. Surrounded by billboards and traffic, the house seems to be a catalog of everything that is wrong with speculative building today.

Fake stone, badly proportioned windows, cantaloupe colored stucco, ridiculous ornament…the hideousness of the house is insufferable. With its location right above the fumes of the filling station, this property is also sadly one of the more visible in Studio City, due to its elevation and prominent site.

I’ve never understood how builders can put these monsters up.

Is there not an architectural alternative, one based on, say the 18th Century, when geometric balance and pleasing lines were the norm? Do these developers get drunk, run over to Home Depot, and load up their pick-up truck with vinyl windows, vinyl gutters and fancy front doors?

This ugly creation will now disfigure an otherwise pretty section of Studio City for the next 50 years. What is created in a few months, has lasting and negative effects on our environment.

5 thoughts on “Ugliness in Full View.

  1. Besides the developer spare some comments for the Architect/Designer….someone actually thinks thats good build/design! Hey did you stop by the AIA conference…booth 2609…thats where you can find the many similar talented architects and engineers surfeit (usually unemployed) and turning their talents…..


  2. There seems to be a lack of planning and a lack of good taste. Some places should never have been built upon nor built in the future.


  3. NO joke, but just up Sunswept a little ways was the huge monstrosity that slid down the hill in the Northridge earthquake.

    I remember going to look at the empty lot and thinking how the developer probably did not care about anything else, but “make the house big”.


  4. You know, I’ve seen that thing for a while now, and never really thought about it —- but always had a sad/angry feeling just below the surface.

    Thanks for putting words to what I was experiencing!


  5. With any luck that hill will give way. (Before the house is occupied and when there is noone working on it, of course.)

    I’ll bet the people who buy that house will one day complain when a developer wants to remove the gas station and build something else…


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