North, South, East, West.

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I was on the phone yesterday, asking a woman, who works at a club in Hollywood, if her establishment was “north of Sunset”.

Dead silence on the other end.

“I mean, ” I continued, “what streets are you between?”

“It’s on Ivar. Do you know Hollywood?” she asked.

She didn’t know her directions. Somehow I cannot understand why so many people in Los Angeles can be unaware of what “north of Oxnard” or “east of LaCienega” means.

The Pacific Ocean is west. West of the entire city of Los Angeles.

There are the Santa Monica Mountains, bisecting the city. If you live north of these, you are in the San Fernando Valley.

Sunset Boulevard is an east/west street that ends at the Pacific Ocean.

Most people these days spend hours on the Internet. Some of them have GPS systems in their cars. Google Maps and Google Earth are everywhere.

How can anyone not at least have some vague idea of where their geographical location is?

Ivy League colleges are handing out diplomas to idiots who do not know that Cambridge, MA is northeast of New Haven, CT.

3 thoughts on “North, South, East, West.

  1. That is true, concerning the southern placement of the Pacific in relation to the San Fernando Valley. So the ocean is not, technically, to the west of the “entire” city.

    But at least, someone living in Hollywood, should understand that if they drove west to the Ocean, and then went North, they would pass through Malibu.


  2. Technically, the pacific ocean is south of Malibu
    which is within the city limits of Los Angeles. So
    the Pacific is not west of the entire city. 🙂

    But i absolutely agree with the inanity of people
    who can’t discern north from wherever.


  3. I hear you. I am sympathetic with newcomers to the area who don’t yet grasp that the Pacific is actually south of the west valley (this being counterintuitive) but otherwise I’m with you 100%.


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