KPCC is having another one of their fund drives. I have to speak up about how personally attached I feel to this radio station.

Public radio seems to be one of the last intelligent, insightful and informative sources of news and culture that exists. Our culture is becoming vastly more stupid everyday with an assault of cable news, reality TV and celebrity oriented websites. The same large scale evil and ignorance that brought us to the brink of economic collapse in the casino of finance, has also destroyed the newspaper and broadcast TV news business.

Formerly international news companies, such as CBS, now have almost no foreign correspondents in any country, and depend on feeder news from such sources as BBC to report from nations like Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. Newspapers are bankrupt and going under. The LA TIMES itself ( owned by the debt heavy Tribune Company) may be extinct by the end of 2009. Imagine the scale of stupidity that now infects our voting population, who must make critical decisions on our nation’s future with the smallest brain power in the history of the republic.

KPCC is wonderful in its widespread catholic approach to stories. It considers everything, from the local Los Angeles school system, to the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden, to be worthy of discussion. Free of commercials, KPCC programs mercifully do not put infomercial voices like KNX’s Melinda Lee, on the air for six hours every Sunday to advertise cooking tips and cooking products. Public radio is not here to make a profit, it is here to inform and enlighten without selling anything but discussion.

Some people don’t care for public radio (most famously David Mamet) because of its perceived “left-wing” biases. But the stations like KPCC brings in voices from all sides of the political spectrum and take listener phone calls from a variety of views.

Money is short now, but KPCC is a critical contributor to the freedom of speech and thought that makes America stronger. Both personally and publicly, the survival of it is more crucial than ever.

Imagine living in a city where the only sources of news are FOX TV and the DAILY NEWS? Many of us already live in such a place.

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