Pershing Square: 1905

Pershing Square: 1905
Pershing Square: 1905

Photo: USC Digital Archive

In the 104 years since this photo was taken, the elements in it remain those of a civilized and urbane city.

There is a lovely park with benches, quite accessible.

A streetcar nearby makes it possible to come here easily and efficiently.

A tall and eccentric building, manages to be dignified and unique and still “speak” to the street with open windows and ground floor retail.

This is Los Angeles. This is Pershing Square. This is what it once was.

One thought on “Pershing Square: 1905

  1. That building was torn down sometime during the early 1980s. However, the original Victorian facade of the structure, shown in the photo, was stripped off during a major overhaul of the structure during the early 1900s: a seemingly unnecessary, wasted effort to modernize the design of the building, money spent needlessly.

    The building once housed an auditorium where the LA Philharmonic played before moving to the Music Center in 1964.

    The land of the former building, which is across the street from the Biltmore Hotel and Pershing Square, is now a parking lot. The current owner has been planning to construct a condominium and hotel skyscraper on it, up to something like 80 stories tall. Then, of course, the value of real estate melted along with the stock market.


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