Cruising Returns to Van Nuys Boulevard.

Vette Caddy Girls

Rydell Overview

Red Cars Rydell

2009 has been the year that the American auto industry was temporarily rescued from its deathbed by an infusion of Federal money and the “Cash for Clunkers” program.

And this year has also seen the return of cruising on Van Nuys Bl., which was once the heart and soul of the auto culture parade in Los Angeles.

Ironically, it has been the needy dealers who gave. Thanks to the empty lot generosity of defunct Rydell Chevrolet and the newly resurrected Van Nuys Cruising Association, literally hundreds, if not thousands of vintage cars and restored vehicles are now congregating and parking near the corner of Burbank and Van Nuys Boulevard.

Pickup VNB

Mustang Flag

In Ralph’s parking lot, 4&20, the Mobil station, and all along VNB north of Burbank to Oxnard, there was an enormous and enthusiastic collection of car lovers and their cars.


Bicycle riders cars

Culturally, these events may be nothing more than big car love-ins. But one could not help but notice the American flags, the overwhelmingly white faces, the fat and freckled faced ladies in the lawn chairs, the crew cuts and blue eyes, the NRA, POW, McCain/Palin and Marine insignias, the smiling LAPD officers… the subconscious nostalgia for a San Fernando Valley that exists no more. This was on the night that Obama spoke his big speech on health care, and one wonders who in this crowd might be grumbling dark thoughts about the coffee complexioned leader of the free world.

But all that is nonsense. Pure speculation. This is all about having fun, isn’t it?

5 thoughts on “Cruising Returns to Van Nuys Boulevard.

  1. I wish I had attended this cruise. You should be happy that there is at least something positive that is making news in Van Nuys for a change.

    I drive a vintage mustang, voted for Obama, am pro universal health care, was against the invasion of Iraq, think that Afghanistan is a damned if you do damned if you don’t situation and think that public transportation in Los Angeles needs some serious help and would do the city good.

    Not all of us fit every stereotype. If my loving vintage cars seems hypocritical to my views then so be it. My car gets better gas mileage than most modern cars on the road. At least it’s not made of plastic and meant to be thrown into a landfill in ten years.

    If it still matters I am white and female and not freckled and fat. I do not own a lawn chair.


    1. And you are right. Some of my good friends are members of a gay auto club that cruise around and meet up to show off their vintage cars. I think there is an element of nostalgia in our yearning for old times….and that means wishing for a time in America that is no more.


      1. I don’t yearn for the old times, filled with attitudes about women and minorities that I don’t agree with. I just really love my car!


  2. I think this crowd overwhelmingly supported Obama. I’m sure that a casual polling of their viewpoints would affirm great enthusiasm for universal health care, a reduction in military spending, a reconsideration of our international wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and a nuanced understanding of how public transportation, not cars would be beneficial to Los Angeles.


  3. What a messed up ending, do you really think because white people are there thats its some sort KKK rally? There are still people in this country who are proud to fly the flag and show the military stickers of the service they were in. Im guessing you are not one of them.


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