Historic Home Demoltion and a Developer’s Response.

Historic Home Demoltion., originally uploaded by Here in Van Nuys.

On June 20, 2007, the Daily News printed an article about the efforts of preservationists to save the oldest home in Van Nuys from destruction.

On the morning of June 21, 2007 I went to the site of the Whisett Home to take photos and found that a bulldozer had already done its work.

Here is an interesting comment I received today on this blog from the developer. The spelling is his:

“That is not true. Merabi & Sons was waiting for the permit to built 18 units APT building, with three affordable units for the elderly people.
The comment the writer has made on the above artic about Merabi and sons is unfair.We help comminutes, and bring prosperity to Van Nuys we would never abandon it .”

Kami A. Merabi

7 thoughts on “Historic Home Demoltion and a Developer’s Response.

  1. On a brighter note, I’ve noticed workmen inside the Van Nuys Library on Sylvan. It looks like some renovation might be underway. With the door open, I had a chance to peek inside for a moment. Would like to have had a better look. Are you aware of any changes in it’s status?


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