LA Sheriff Threatens a Photographer for Taking Photos in the MTA.

We live in a time where acts that were once considered harmless and innocent, such as photographing children at play, are now judged by some to be prurient and perverted. The same is true now for shooting pictures in certain public locations.

Photographing people in public has been part of the photographer’s arsenal for over 125 years. The “terrorism” bug that has been up this nation’s ass since 9/11 has provided an excuse to employ thousands of security badge wearing goons to enforce a sense of security in every location from public libraries to train stations. Most of these very bored officers have nothing to do all day, and they seem to relish the excitement of exerting their authority and making innocent people feel powerless. In the end, nobody is actually any safer, and our civil liberties and right to freely roam and create pictures is hampered and harassed.

In reality, photography is one of the best ways to defuse terror because it opens up understanding and communications between people all over the world. Flickr is where the Israeli photographer befriends the Pakistani photographer. Photography only puts fear at risk.

One thought on “LA Sheriff Threatens a Photographer for Taking Photos in the MTA.

  1. Our freedoms began to erode under the Bush administration and is now being continued in the Obama administration under the guise of national security. (Patriot Act) Little by little, the government is removing the very freedoms that we all enjoy and take for granted on a daily basis.

    I was a police officer until 2006. I left that field because I couldn’t stomach the corruption or having to work with moron cops like the one in your video. I am actually glad that the person that was being detained knew enough about the law and the Constitution to put that fat moron cop in his place and I’m glad that the cop was reported.

    Truth be told about cops like this… These are guys that were picked on as children that have absolutely no respect for themselves much less the public that they claim to protect. This moron cop simply had his feelings hurt when the cameraman asserted his constitutional rights and lashed out, resulting in an illegal detention.

    As a side note… If this happens to you again and you are stopped by one of these thugs, tell the cop that you are filming and are well within your right to do so unless he can show you a sign that prohibits such an action.


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