Act Like a Human Being.

Trader Joe’s , originally uploaded by studio4041.

What turns some drivers into monsters when they get into the Studio City Trader Joe’s parking lot?

Yesterday, I stopped off there, around 11 am, to pick up a few items.

As I waited for an older lady to pull out of a parking space, a “young” woman in a Mercedes had to stop behind me.

Looking in my rear view mirror, I could see the Mercedes lady making gestures and signs indicating that I was “crazy” and “what the fuck are you doing?” That’s right, she was incensed, angered and completely furious that she had to stop inside a parking lot to wait for me to park.

And I needed to back up a bit to allow the old lady in front of me to pull out. The Mercedes driver would not move. With an expressionless Botox face, eyes covered in sunglasses, she was not going to reverse.

I got out of my car and walked back to her. “Would you pull your car back?” I asked. Behind her closed window, she screamed, “You’re crazy. Look at your car! If you lay a hand on my car, I’ll call the police.” She pulled into reverse, maybe 2 feet back.

The old lady pulled out, I pulled in and the Mercedes drove into the lane that exited onto Ventura Boulevard. While she stopped there at the light, I walked up to her again.

“Why don’t you try to act human,” I screamed.

It seemed to have no effect on her whatsoever.

8 thoughts on “Act Like a Human Being.

  1. Thankfully, there is much less of this in Pasadena. I guess it’s part of what makes L.A. so fabulous! Sometimes they’re just TOO fabulous and you have to get out of their way!


  2. That same thing, practically word for word, happened to me at tj’s on riverside. apparently all the Botox, collagen, silicone AND lack of daily caloric intake lead to major selfish bitch behavior. add a congested parking lot to ramp up the insensitivity factor. Glad you called her out.


  3. It’s not Trader Joe’s, and it’s not even the Mercedes she’s driving…it’s the money that bought the Mercedes, money that most likely came from someone who’s grossly overpaid for their minimal contributions and talent. We’ve become a two class society, and those hold most of the cash believe the rest of us should just get out of their way. Mentally, they feel that they should always be at the front of the line, and we should be standing there eager to serve them, and grateful for the opportunity to do so. We should be relegated to cleaning their toilets, cutting their lawns, cleaning their pools, and raising their kids, and we should do it quietly, unobtrusively, and without complaint. They should have to do no more then simply sit back and enjoy their rewards, rewards that were earned with…what?


    1. I actually do concur with a lot of you say Brian.

      Living in Van Nuys, I actually see a lot more courtesy from the mostly Latino drivers who let you into their lane, and wave you in when you want to merge.

      Studio City, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Century City are full of the honking bitches in their SUV’s who act as if their needs entitle them to speed, hog the road, talk on their phones, text and completely disregard every other driver.


  4. This is a situation constantly repeated at ALL Trader Joes parking lots. Also at shopping center lots during the holidays. It’s horrible. I feel your pain on this one. The previous comment was right…park as far away as possible from the front doors.


  5. i hate parking lots

    i try to park on the street, or as far away from the door of the building as i can – that way i can avoid people thinking about their shopping instead of their driving


    1. I left LA after the quake of ’94, having lived there since ’58. Re-located to ‘SNOTTSDALE’ AZ. Your buddy in the Mercedes is not just in LA. A sense of entitlement prevails this type of person, and they are EVERYWHERE.
      Their attitudes are ‘It is all about me!’
      Thanks for letting me vent.


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