Man Shot and Killed in Van Nuys.

Part of the normal lifestyle in Van Nuys.

4 thoughts on “Man Shot and Killed in Van Nuys.

  1. i responded to the story about the trader joes incident because i have experienced that same incident where i live, i think this is a universal tale

    any response on the murder would have only been prurient. i have never even seen a crime scene, let alone a murder


    1. I have never seen a murder either but still feel that the apathy towards it is appaling. Largely it seems that the lack of outcry is based on location; a murder in Van Nuys is run of the mill whereas a murder in let’s say Sherman Oaks is frightening and something should be done. Both should be treated with the same amount of indignation however, they are not.


  2. I find it interesting that when you post about a rich bitch in a trader joes parking lot, there are a flurry of comments but when someone is killed in Van Nuys…nada.

    I guess that’s what we deserve for living in Van Nuys; hearing about murders without any real explaination or outrage. It’s just par for the course. Don’t get me wrong, rude people upset me too but apathetic response to murder upsets me much, much more.


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