Ruins of the Columbia Savings Bank

6 thoughts on “Ruins of the Columbia Savings Bank

  1. Good riddance.
    Piece of garbage architecture, and the building, because it was built as nearly single-purpose, is nearly impossible to re-adapt to any other useful, rent-paying use.
    Glad to see it go, although not thrilled at all by what is planned to replace it.
    This property should be developed at least 8 or floors tall, keeping it in line with that nice building on the NE corner, with the current Asahi sign, formerly Mutual of Omaha.
    Not sure it should be all residential except for the ground floor though. Would think office uses upstairs would make more sense.


  2. feck – you already said on the flickr page

    “(1965-2010)The Columbia Savings building was designed by architect Irving Shapiro and completed in 1965. ”

    when i see buildings with such short life spans, i wonder to myself what the people who built it would say say in 1964 or 1965 if i went back in time and “guys, this is gonna be demolished in 2010”


    1. The 1965 people were busy demolishing Penn Station in NY and destroying LA’s bungalows and old homes while they were ramming freeways through historic neighborhoods and bulldozing orange groves.


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