West Hollywood and Venice have been awash in modern architecture; but in the Valley, the ornate, garish, cheesy and trollop-type condominium, landscaped with every palm and perennial known to mankind, has been the norm.

At 12504 W. Woodbridge St. at Whitsett, just south of Moorpark, a new modern apartment house-all right angles and green materials- is going up. Conceived in the heady days of real estate, 36 months ago, it is nearing completion now, and will offer 12 units for sale.

I spoke to the young developer, on site, who invited me to return in a few weeks to inspect the completed building. He told me the name of the architect, who I regretfully have forgotten.

2 thoughts on “Modernism in Studio City.

  1. Yes, I have seen this place as it has been built. The only other place of modest note in recent times is on Moorpark, just a bit east of Coldwater Canyon, north side. Has a number as its name, maybe 8…, as I recall.
    But as to anything west of the 405, and especially in the Warner Center Area, fagetaboutit gets new meaning. Just dreadful stuff.


  2. The palms and perennials will be planted outside that building soon. Now speaking of trollops…I’d pick mini-trollops any day over mega-apartment complexes, which seems to be flavor of the decade over in the west valley. Drive around the Warner Ranch business district and you see these monsters.


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