Four Buildings in Van Nuys.

14833 Sylvan

One can find almost any type of architecture in old Van Nuys.

14833 Sylvan is a two-story apartment, built in 1963, when casual and open was the style. The modernist slathering of stone on the facade gives the building a pleasing freshness and frankness. It still seems neat and clean and well-maintained though I have not seen the interiors.

14601 Aetna

14601 Aetna (circa 1930) was a DWP building, sold in 1999 for private use.

14833 Aetna

14833 Aetna is a place (in my imagination) that might one day be converted to a beer and hamburger restaurant (a la Father’s Office).

14823 Aetna

14823 Aetna is a crisp, cinder-block industrial/commercial building from the early 1960s. With it’s bold colors and modernist style, it would be a great location for Jonathan Adler or Trina Turk to open a store.

People will probably laugh at the idea that anyone would shop or eat near the Busway.

Who in their right mind would think that a high-fashion retailer or high-end restaurant would open in Van Nuys?

But they would stop laughing if, say, Brad Pitt opened a steakhouse off of Kester.

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