Betty White Lived Here: 1930.

454 N. Harper Ave.

In 1930, 8-year-old Betty White lived at 454 N. Harper Ave. in Los Angeles.

According to the fascinating book, “Celebrities in the 1930 Census” (author: Allen R. Ellenberger), Ms. White lived in the $10,000 home with her parents:

  1. Horace L. White (head), 36 / Michigan / Salesman / Electrical.
  2. Tess White (wife), 30 / Illinois / None.
1146 N. Hudson

Bela Lugosi (“Dracula”) rented a $40 a month home at 1146 Hudson Ave.

138 N. Wilton Place
Carole Lombard

Carole Peters (later Lombard),21, actress, comedienne and eventually Clark Gable’s girlfriend, lived at a $100 a month home at 138 N. Wilton Place. with her mother and two older brothers.

1784 N. Orange Dr.
Conway Tearle

And famed actor, Conway Tearle, 42, who was born as Frederick Levy, owned a $37,500 home at 1784 N. Orange Drive which he shared with:

  1. Adele Tearle [Adele Rowland] (wife), 39 / District of Columbia / None.
  2. Abe Rowland (father-in-law), 73 / Pennsylvania / None.
  3. Joe Muchizuki (servant), 45 / Japan (1896) / Cook / Private family.
  4. Sakayu Muchizuki (servant), 42 / Japan (1896) / General maid / Private family.
  5. Henry C. F. Hackbush (lodger, Rent, $14),  29 / divorced / Civil engineer / Construction.

More Hollywood history can be found at the blog, Hollywoodland by Allen Ellenberger.

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