Reseda and Sherman Way/Late 1950s/ Photo Credit: Valley Relics on FB

9 thoughts on “Reseda and Sherman Way/Late 1950s.

  1. Yup. Woolworths,…. and Pennys not far away. Same side of the street at the walk-in theater, North side. I lived a mile away for 27 years!: down by the park. (Never caught but ONE fish out of that pond!). McDonalds didnt even come into play until 1967, at the corner of Yolanda and Sherman Way. It USED to be a nice place to live!


  2. It is Sherman Way in Reseda, but not at the intersection of Reseda Blvd.

    This is likely at Etiwanda Ave. looking west toward Reseda Blvd. based on the Sav-On still being at the northeast corner of Sherman Way and Canby Ave. (the building later was the Reseda Country Club and now houses a Latino church), and the United California Bank building (now Wells Fargo, after a few mergers) on the southwest corner of Sherman Way and Darby Ave. Also, McMahan’s Furniture was between Canby and Etiwanda on Sherman Way, so it all fits together.


  3. This photo states it was taken at Reseda and Sherman Way. If so, that would be Reseda, not Van Nuys. From the looks of this picture, it was taken someplace other than Reseda. I grew up in Reseda during that time frame and none of the stores shown here were in Reseda during the late 50’s or early 60’s.


    1. Randy-
      Thank you for the comment.
      Nobody implied that the photo was in Van Nuys because it clearly shows “downtown” Reseda.



    2. I’d say it is Reseda, and I agree with Kymberleigh Richards as to how the picture is oriented. I live in Reseda right around the corner from Sherman Way and Reseda. I remember as a kid we’d go to JC Penney to get clothes and our scout uniforms right there on Sherman Way.


  4. thanks for posting all of these – i’ve never been to van nuys, but i hope to some day see it for myself

    the van nuys airport – what’s the aircraft noise there like?


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