Jet Blue Plane, originally uploaded by FlaSunshine.

Nothing has quite seized the attention of the nation like the story of the fed-up flight attendant who opened the door of his jet, jumped down the emergency shoot and ran off across the runway.

We have all been that angry, frustrated worker. If he had worked at an office, or stormed out of his restaurant job, nobody would care. But to fly out of a plane….that is a different story.

Flying is hellish. The lines are long. The process, of going through metal detectors and undressing in public, is demeaning. And late flights are constant.

By the time we get on board, both passengers and crew are tired and impatient. Let one large suitcase fall out of an overhead bin and onto the head of a flight attendant and all hell might, and did, break loose.

I hope the now arrested airline worker is treated leniently. What he did was stupid, reckless and illegal, but he was only acting in a way that some of us sometimes would if we only could.

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