Grading the Parents

Test Results from Johnson Middle School

5th Grade/ Mr. Robert Wallace, teacher

Los Angeles, CA

Hector Alvarez Marsha Alvarez C No home cooked meals. Eat home more.
Kim Sing Kee Sing A Very clean bathroom in home. Keep on cleaning.
Ava Yaros Penny Yaros B- Mother commutes but encourages homework. Call daughter from freeway to keep tabs.
Gina Cohen Larry Cohen C+ Father hardly reads books. Buy Kindle.
Manuel Elindor Yuri Elindor B+ Father yells, but is strict. Lower your voice.
Samoo Genjai Vijay Genjai A Homework hour lasts from 6pm-midnight. Consider 1am end for homework hour.
Ina Balgagian Mina Bagagian F Ugly curtains near desk may discourage studying. Mini-blinds or bamboo shades.
Tomar Interissian Crobar Interissian D Mom’s Fast food addiction may interfere with child’s education. Protein powder and exercise to combat McDonalds.
Chris Zankou Poulet Zankou C Mother was mediocre student. Could affect son. Don’t discuss past.
Janelle Ross Marshall Ross B Parents in therapy trying to improve marriage. Bring child to marriage therapy.
Harold Oldman Rose Oldman A Child rewarded with fresh fruits after completing homework. Shop Whole Foods to insure organic quality.
Timothy O’Shea Carmel O’Shea B Father shows affection even when son cannot add numbers. Make sure Mom is also affectionate.
Lance Brocklove Paul Brocklove D Mother cannot cook spaghetti, showing possible neglect of child. Watch Food Network.

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