Congratulations Meg Whitman.

Skid Row, originally uploaded by lhaverim33.

Photo: Laleh Haverim

Congratulations Meg Whitman for spending over $150 Million dollars of your money in a valiant attempt to purchase the governorship of the State of California.

Your money could have provided enough rent money for every homeless person on skid row or purchased 300 Fifty-thousand scholarships for deserving poor students.

Instead, your obscene waste of money funded broadcasters, advertisers and production companies.

3 thoughts on “Congratulations Meg Whitman.

  1. I’ve been feeling the same way. The over-the-top campaign spending is such a sad and nonsensical waste of money that is desperately and urgently needed by real people. Not to mention the waste of paper – all the campaign flyers and brochures stuffed into mailboxes the last few weeks that only serve to overflow the recycle bin.


  2. Jerry beats Meg any day for sex appeal. Look at how many more women voted for Jerry. Hopefully, her and Carly’s loss, dispel the myth that money buys votes.


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