LA River at Fulton Av. Bridge, Studio City, CA.
Fulton Ave. Bridge at the LA River, Studio City, CA
Fulton Av. Bridge/LA River/View South
Photo by Andy Hurvitz
Front Door Rain
Photo by Andy Hurvitz

The rain.

Coming down in sheets, in cycles, ad nauseum.

Sheets of soaking wet weather slicing across the Valley.

I drove down to Studio City.

By the time I got to Whitsett and Magnolia it was dry.

I parked near Fulton and the LA River and shot some photos.

I went to Peet’s Coffee and met some friends.

I ordered a double espresso..

Then the sky darkened and the palms along Ventura blew and the rains came.

The rain abated and I ran to my car and drove home.

At my home computer, I sat and waited for the next cycle of storm to begin.

Then my mother called from the Marina and said she saw a fabulous rainbow.

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