LAPD Report on Crime Fighting in Van Nuys.

From LAPD Senior Lead Officer Ron Carter who works in the Van Nuys Division:

Sunday, December 26, 2010, 4:22 PM

Dear LAPD Family & Friends,

Just wanted to give you a little taste of the outstanding Police-Work that is being accomplished in your communities.

On December 22nd at about 5:00 p.m. I overheard a radio call regarding an Assault with a Deadly Weapon and shot-fired in the 14400 block of Kittridge Street. The Victim had been pistol-whipped by a gang-member, who thought that he was also a gang-member. Well, he wasn’t and as he was struck with the weapon, a shot went off, missing the victim.

Units arriving put out the vehicle description and suspect description and within a half hour or so, the vehicle was located by one of our Gang-Units. The driver turned out his lights and tried to evade our officers, who stuck with him.

The suspect crashed his car along Hart Street (13900 block) and a foot-pursuit began. The suspect knew the area, since his parents lived there and tried desperately to get away from officers. He was trapped within a one block area and after a lengthy and extensive search by the Canine Units (K-9), our Gang Officers, Patrol Officers, Air-Ship (Helicopter) and some help from the community with calls about a prowler in the area, he was eventually located hiding to the rear of a residence along the 6800 block of Ranchito Avenue.

The weapon used in this and other Assaults in the area and in Mission Division was recovered and this bad-guy, who was on parole, is now headed back to prison. No one was seriously injured and a career criminal was removed from our streets. Lots of calls came to me while we were standing on the perimeter watching for the suspect to jump out and run.

I want to remind you that if you have Police in your area, especially with the helicopters and dogs being sent out for a search, please stay inside your homes, with the doors locked, lights on and remain inside until you hear the helicopters leave. While searching for an armed suspect, we had many residents trying to drive through our perimeter and really not aware that anything was going on. Our job is to keep you safe and get the bad guys before they get away. In this case, he did not get away and your patience during this 4-5 hour search was most appreciated.

This is only one of several outstanding arrests being made daily by your Police Department. The Basic Car officers for my Basic Car (9A19) today arrested a heroin addict with a slide punch (used to smash windows) and several GPS devices and other electronic devices taken from BFMV’s (Burglary from motor vehicles) in the area. Great arrest and Officer Amores does it again. This arrestee is likely responsible for most of, if not all of the rampage that happened in my reporting district 0926 from the 22nd to the 24th. Again, valuables being left in cars is attracting these bad-guys.

Just a day or so ago, more than $3,000 in lap-tops, Mp-3 and other electronic devices was taken from the rear of the Norm’s at Sherman Way and Woodman Avenue. These items were in plain sight and unattended. Please lock them in your trunk if you are not able to take them home and please remember to remove the charger from your cigarette-lighter. This is also a clue that other items may be in the console. Together we can make a difference.

Happy New Year from your Senior Lead Officer and Van Nuys Division!


S.L.O. Ron Carter

Author Note:
VAN NUYS – A male motorist was shot to death early Friday morning as he drove in Van Nuys, a Los Angeles police officer said. The shooting occurred about 1:15 a.m. on Vanowen Street near Sepulveda Boulevard.

The victim was driving eastbound on Vanowen Street when someone fired at his car. He continued driving after being shot until his car crashed into a fence, the officer said.

Gunshot puts man in hospital on Thanksgiving Day
11/25/2010 – VAN NUYS – A man was shot and wounded in Van Nuys and was in stable condition at a hospital Thursday, a police sergeant said.

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