from SLO Ron Carter, LAPD, who works in the Van Nuys area:

Dear LAPD Family & Friends,

On 12/23/10 in the early morning hours, a resident at the 6400 block of Hazeltine received an activation from her vehicle’s alarm and went outside to check. As she did so, she saw two males running from her vehicle and towards a black SUV parked nearby. They left quickly and she was able to get the license plate for our Officers. The resident found that these suspects had tried to remove her factory installed stereo and GPS, but had failed due to the alarm sounding and causing their retreat. (Another reminder to have an alarm installed and to turn it on).

She provided the descriptions to our officers and Detectives and a follow-up was made to the registered owner’s address, where an arrest was made. The person arrested admitted to multiple auto break-ins in Van Nuys, in my Basic Car area and in North Hollywood and elsewhere. The Property Crimes Unit for Van Nuys did an outstanding job, along with our Auto Detectives in interviewing the driver/owner of the vehicle and now we are looking for additional victims who may have had some smaller items taken from their vehicles.

Some of these items were identifiable by name, but there were other items that cannot be readily tracked back to their owners. If anyone has had any collectable “Betty Boop” items taken from the scene of a car break-in (BFMV) please contact the Van Nuys Auto Detectives at (818) 374-0020. We are also looking for the owners of additional items, such as many car stereos (possibly unreported by the car-owners) , Leather Bags, belt-buckles, back-packs, motor-cycle helmets and assorted other items. If you can describe any of the items that were recovered, please call our Detectives.

At two of the recent break-ins along Colbath Avenue, there was nothing noted as missing, however, these criminals have taken paperwork, personal bank statements, smaller items, etc., so please re-examine your vehicles if you reprted the windows smashed but found nothing apparently missing and then contact our Detectives or myself.

Once again, the community participating in the apprehension of criminals who were attacking our community has proven successful. The resident who reported the crime was a great witness, obtained the license plate of the vehicle (safely) and made a positive identification of the driver who was arrested. Thanks to her active participation, other crimes in the S.F. Valley are being solved. This sends out a strong message to others that our community cares and knows what to say, when to call and who to call when bad things happen. Thank you very much to our involved citizen for great teamwork and for definitely making a difference in the neighborhood! Just a reminder that we do not encourage confrontations between our residents and criminals, so please be a good witness and stay safe. A good pair of binoculars can help in obtaining a license plate from a safe distance.


Happy New Year!
S.L.O. Ron Carter

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