Thanks to an email I just received I learned something:

Today is an election.

I have no idea what issues or candidates are running. And I have no intention of voting.

But the email made me think.

Here it is:

“…That today is an election day in CA?  Probably not and who would blame you?

Today is what I would describe as an especially “offensive election.”  It’s where the powers that be, and their moneyed benefactors, try to sneak a fastball right by us.

The ballot is loaded with quality of life initiatives that will affect all of us.  This is one of those very quiet elections which will decide how police patrol your neighborhood, whether or not you receive proper fire coverage, and most importantly how and where money is spent.

And the sad fact is that those holding the elections are counting on low turnout and you not voting.

Polls are open until 7pm.  I know most of you are working your asses off, but try to ask yourself why if you are not bothering to vote?

This election will affect all of our paychecks, our homes, and the communities we live in as a whole.

If you absolutely cannot make it to a polling location please do your small part and go on Facebook or Twitter and let your friends and associates know this is happening today.

Or sit back and prep your fiddle…”

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