Victory and Columbus: Unlit

Gilmore and Columbus: Lit.

The corner of Columbus and Victory, on the north side of Victory, is one which has a constant stream of both traffic and pedestrians. But at night, the unlit intersection is a dangerous place, where cars turning north onto Columbus often narrowly miss nighttime bicyclists and people walking in the dark.

A few years ago, I contacted the City of LA about this, and was told, ridiculously, that a petition would need to be signed by area residents to request a street lamp at the busy corner. Yet, just north on Columbus, at Gilmore, Roya, Hamlin, Haynes, Kittridge and Vanowen, all are magically illuminated.

Many people walk at night in this area. And to keep them in the dark is to invite death or injury.

3 thoughts on “Unsafe Intersection: Columbus and Victory.

  1. add to this the various unsavory characters–hookers, transients (living in one of the ever-present campers a little north on columbus?), and the vendors running garage sales in front of the apts.–and it is an unsafe intersection indeed. also, do you have any idea what that ‘facility’ is on the south side of victory at columbus? is it some sort of assisted living facility??


    1. Bernie-
      Van Nuys is like a piece of bread that has been toasted too long. You must slice off the edges and only consider the inside edible.
      The main streets like Sepulveda, Victory and Vanowen are the crust. The inside is Gilmore, Hamlin, Kittridge, etc.



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