What if you were at home around Noon and there was a loud pounding on your front door?

You went to answer it and a young Latino said, “Oh, hey. I was just looking for Byron”.

When you told him there was no Byron at this address, he said, “OK thanks!”

And if you went out and followed him, you would see that he had backed his gold pickup truck into your driveway  and that he had a CA License 8M59236.

A truck full of boxes. Backed into a driveway of home where he was not expected…..

Would you not think that this person was casing the hood and intending to find houses where nobody was home?

This is what happened here today and all people should be aware that this type of suspect and dubious and possibly criminal activity is going on all over the city.

And if this person was truly looking for Byron…I hope he finds him working at LAPD’s Van Nuys Division.

3 thoughts on “Casing the Hood…

    1. Great that you got his license, but it won’t do you a bit of good if you come home tomorrow and find your place cleaned out. About two years ago I came home one afternoon to find someone in my house. I didn’t know how many people were in there and I wasn’t going to go charging in all Dirty Harry, so I sat in my car in the driveway blowing the horn. He went out the back, over my neighbors fence, hopped in a truck with his accomplice, and was gone…but not before I got a picture of him and the truck, including license number. The cops attitude was he just broke a window, he didn’t get anything, didn’t leave any identifiable prints, and you can’t put him in your yard, much less in the house, so…we’re outta here.

      I’m in Albuquerque, but I think the attitude is the same everywhere. “If we don’t have a solid case, we’re not even going to go talk to him. He’ll get caught…eventually.”


      1. Everything you say is true of LA as well.
        Love the cop who said, “Just broke a window”….but the burglar did break-in and enter!


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