Councilman Cardenas: We Need a Streetlamp on Columbus and Victory.


For more than a year, I have tried to get an overhead light installed on the NE corner of Victory and Columbus.

At night, more than a few times, I have almost hit pedestrians crossing here in the dark.

I wrote about this in April 2011 and earlier this year I contacted Councilman Tony Cardenas’ office, which investigated the intersection and came up with a conclusion that since nobody had been killed or injured there a streetlamp was not needed.

Every intersection of every street that intersects with Victory should have illumination. Victory is six lanes wide and extremely busy. When it is crowded it is dangerous. When it is dark it is extremely dangerous.

Victory and Columbus: Unlit
Gilmore and Columbus: Lit.

The corner of Columbus and Victory, on the north side of Victory, is one which has a constant stream of both traffic and pedestrians. But at night, the unlit intersection is a dangerous place, where cars turning north onto Columbus often narrowly miss nighttime bicyclists and people walking in the dark.

A few years ago, I contacted the City of LA about this, and was told, ridiculously, that a petition would need to be signed by area residents to request a street lamp at the busy corner. Yet, just north on Columbus, at Gilmore, Roya, Hamlin, Haynes, Kittridge and Vanowen, all are magically illuminated.

Many people walk at night in this area. And to keep them in the dark is to invite death or injury.

One thought on “Councilman Cardenas: We Need a Streetlamp on Columbus and Victory.

  1. Thank you Mr. H. for your posts on Van Nuys

    Councilman Cardenas’ legacy to our community is indifference, neglect and disdain.

    He was engaged with self-promotion and focused on advancing his political career.
    His priorities were: Firstly, me. Then of course, me. Finally, me. And above all, ME!

    He began his third term as our Councilman in July 20ll; however, in June 20ll, he declared his ambitions to represent our new, gerrymandered, Latino congressional district.

    So, hasta la vista Van Nuys. He will want your support for the election in 2012.


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