Autumn Stroll on Kester St.

A neighbor named Norah sent me a poetic and photographic depiction of her morning walk around the Kester District of Van Nuys, a visible symptom of a metropolitan area in trouble.

“I was walking my dog around my Van Nuys neighborhood this morning, enjoying the great fall weather, when I stopped to admire this sign on a rusty gate advertising a LUXURY (underlined) apartment on Kester Avenue, complete with fabulous amenities such as a plastic bag on the lawn, and a mattress and condom wrapper located conveniently on the sidewalk right outside the front door. Does it get any more luxurious?

2 thoughts on “Autumn Stroll on Kester St.

  1. Tragic, disturbing, unacceptable, and crude. And what’s worse is that for some of the third world newcomers that settle here, this hood IS a luxury.


  2. ..i have such fond memories of growing up in van nuys…being a kid on a bike with the only instructions of “be home by dark”..things have certainly changed and it saddens me so i hold onto those memories and the pictures i have of the 50’s…thanks for sharing


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