1871 S. Aquanetta Drive., originally uploaded by Here in Van Nuys.

A photo I took, along with others, from a Thanksgiving weekend spent in the Palm Springs area.

Some people hate Palm Springs, saying it is too hot, too sterile, too artificial.

Perhaps it is, but at twilight, when the sun is setting behind the mountains, there is nowhere I’ve been that feels so calming, so warm, so otherworldly.

There is something special about the desert, even the irrigated desert, and along with the green golf courses and the stucco clone houses, there are also special and completely original neighborhoods, dating from the 1950s, where the fine art of strange architecture and sculpted plants transports one into a reverie of light and form, which I have tried to capture photographically.

The Almighty was merciful in creating only one place like Southern California. For better or worse….

And we who inhabit this imperfect, flawed and destructive region, we occasionally are seduced and awed by a light and a moment to realize that we are also blessed to live here amongst human creativity, human imagination and nature’s nature.

This was Palm Springs yesterday and this is the way it was and will always be.

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