Burglaries in Sherman Oaks.

From LAPD’s Ron Carter: 
“Those of you who receive “Nixle” messages have already received this update. For those who have not gone onto the LAPD Web at www.lapdonline.org and registered to receive “Nixle”messages and alerts, please consider checking it out. I receive Nixle at my home with current update information.
On November 30th (Thursday) between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. there were three (3) additional residential burglaries at the 3400, 3600 blocks of Longridge Drive and at the 3600 block of Cody Drive
At one of these residences, the alarm frightened off the burglars, who left taking only a wallet and a lap-top. At the second location, the alarm was not turned on and the suspects left with assorted jewelry, shoes, I-Pads, Computers, Television, Game Consoles and multiple credit cards. This burglar smashed a rear window using a concrete table in the yard. Please remember to always activate your alarms, even when you are home.
Many of your neighbors are not active in a Neighborhood Watch, and may not attend their  local Government meetings , so it is important that we all share this information. This will help us all to get through the Holidays with less chance of becoming the victim of a crime. It is the “Fear of Crime” which we must also work hard to remove from the neighborhoods.
Thank you for being vigilant in your efforts to look for suspicious activities and persons who you do not recognize from the neighborhood.
Remember, for non-emergency, please call (818) 734-2223 and of course, if you see a crime  “in progress” then it may be a “911” call. Let our Officers verify if that person does have legitimate business in your neighborhood.
I am sending this e-mail to all of my Group Contacts, because this can happen anywhere and anytime. Being aware, alert and knowing “Who to call, When to call and What to say“makes a difference. Please read the attachment.
S.L.O. Ron Carter”

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