Hamlin St.

Hamlin St., originally uploaded by Here in Van Nuys.

One thought on “Hamlin St.

  1. Crossing the border illegally is not immoral by itself. Crossing the border because you killed someone is immoral. Leaching the system illegally is immoral. Denying a phd from India legal immigration is unfortunate. Villifying immigrants legal or not is immoral. As an American citizen who never benefited from any entitlement program am not opposed to good people risking breaking immigration law to share in the American dream.

    If you come to the US and break laws, burn cars, kill people, you should be punished by the law. These acts are immoral. What is also immoral is creating pariahs out of brown people. Alot of us brown people are legal law abiding good folk. Creating treaties like NAFTA or promoting outsourcing of jobs all over the world is good for only a small group of people. The flow of immigration is a natural reaction to the decimation of economies throughout the world. Immigration is not your problem. The corprate structure is your problem. The very wealthy have their protections. The rest of us need scapegoats to blame our poverty, our lack of economic mobility. If you think leaching the system is immoral why don’t you post articles about the bale out of banks to big to fail as being immoral. An estimated 26 trillion dollars has been stolen. I think that is immoral too.


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