A Dire Warning.

Proposed Redistricting of Los Angeles/ LA Times

There is something going in Los Angeles right now called proposed redistricting and a dire warning flyer, from one of my neighbors, arrived on my doorstep this morning warning that if these new changes go through “Van Nuys will start at Victory Bl. and be lumped in with Panorama City, Pacoima and Arleta.”  I was implored to show up for a meeting at the Walter Reed Middle School in Studio City on Thursday, February 9th to make my objections public.

I don’t personally know who wrote this flyer and I don’t know why it matters if Van Nuys is associated with communities north of here.  If prostitution, gangs, garbage and fat, short women dressed in skintight black spandex have not lowered my property values yet, then I doubt that my new city council boundary will make much difference.

Have you been to the corner of Kester and Victory lately? It is not a pretty sight. McDonalds, at this location, is considered an upmarket restaurant.

And who are these haughty and snobby Van Nuysians who imagine that they belong in a district with Studio City and Sherman Oaks?  The issues that matter to an 29-year-old single, white entertainment executive living in Franklin Canyon are quite different from a 29-year-old Salvadorean single mom supporting three children, two grandkids and two parents in a one-bedroom Victory Boulevard apartment.

The City Council is in business for one reason only: power. It is their job to insure that they have a job.  We constituents only matter if our last name is Broad or Caruso.

I don’t care what district I am in because I can only control my quality of life as far as my front curb.

One thought on “A Dire Warning.

  1. YES–our friends in “south Van Nuys” now “north Sherman Oaks” have been sold down the river.

    In dark humor, the most recent Councilman Cardenas newsletter trumpeted the
    “reapportionment”–because Van Nuys had once been divided 7 ways–and that had been cut down to 2 districts.

    But now it’s back to 3 districts.

    The line that the squeamish among us shouldn’t watch the making of laws–or sausages–ought to include the decennial reapportionment.


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