Van Nuys Blvd at Burbank

Van Nuys Blvd at Burbank, originally uploaded by Here in Van Nuys.

2 thoughts on “Van Nuys Blvd at Burbank

  1. Isnt that area now part of Sherman oaks? It is now, they have the sign at Oxnard. Yes we do need more brand name shops and we can get it as soon as we get rid of those knock-off shops on van nuys blvd.


  2. Interesting developments–a CVS drug store and a Chipotle Restaurant on the northwest and northeast corners of Van Nuys and Burbank. Both to counterbalance the “Van Nuys Blvd Auto Row” with different interests.

    And Van Nuys can use them. An out-of-town friend kept asking me to take her to “Red Lobster”. I knew what “Red Lobsrter” is–but you have to go to a phone book to find the one nearest. Van Nuys still falls behind in having all the latest chains and brands.


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