Rocketdyne mechanics, Canoga Park, circa 1960/ CSUN Digital Collections

Years back, manufacturing jobs were a mainstay of prosperity in the San Fernando Valley.

Huge aerospace, automobile, electronics, and construction companies fueled a vibrant, strong economy.

New immigrants, and working people from other states came to California and were able to find employment at General Motors, Teledyne, Ford, Lockheed and McDonnell-Douglas.

Today, there are almost two million people living in the San Fernando Valley.    The unemployment rate in Los Angeles is 11.6% but many, many more are barely earning enough to survive in low paying and part time work.

And in Craigslist, a grand total of 46 manufacturing jobs (6 or 7 a day) were advertised in the San Fernando Valley for the entire week of May 15-22, 2012.

On any one block in Van Nuys, there are probably seven people looking for work.

Here are the jobs:

Tue May 22

  1. Mechanical Design Engineer – (Chatsworth)
  2. Field Service Engineer – (Chatsworth)
  3. Machinist / Machine operators wanted –
  4. Chemical Engineer – (Chatsworth, CA)
  6. Full-Time Seamstress Wanted – (Burbank, CA.)
  7. CNC Milling Machine Operator –
  9. Sheet Metal Fabricator – (Van Nuys,Ca)

Mon May 21

10. Machinist Set up/Operator –

11. Internal Mfg Logistics Specialist – (Montrose)

12. Service and Sales Rep – (Van Nuys)

13. Shipping and Receiving Warehouse Position – (Chatsworth)

Sat May 19

14. Purchasing/Inventory Control Manager – (Simi Valley)

Fri May 18


16. Manufacturing Test Engineer – (Chatsworth)

17. Conventional Machinist – (Van Nuys)

18. Warehouse/Shipping/Inventory/Logistics – (San Fernando Valley)

19. Programmer, CNC Lathe Operator – (Burbank)


Thu May 17

21. Conventional Machinist Needed!! – (North Hollywood)

22. handyman needed – (van nuys)

23. Machine Operator / Grinder Operator – (Chatsworth, CA)

24. Receiving Dept, Lead person – (Van Nuys, Ca)

25. Maintenance/CNC/Mechanical Engineer (Many Positions) – (Santa Clarita)

26. Regional Distribution Manager – img

27. Tech Assistant – (Northridge, CA)

28. Creative Seamstress/Prototype Maker Needed [pt] – (Tujunga, Ca)

29. CNC Machinist – Mill & Lathe – (Simi Valley)

30. Injection Molding – Set-up Technician – (Santa Clarita)

31. Die Casting Machine Operator / Die Setup person – (North Hollywood, California 91605) img

Wed May 16

32. Pre Production Assistant – (Chatsworth)


34. Manufacturing Engineer – (Santa Clarita)

35. Inspector Class A or B – (Chatsworth, CA)

36. Shipping Clerk- 2nd Shift Positions – (Chatsworth, CA)

37. Receiving Inspector – (Valenica)

38. Jr. Material Handler – (N. Hollywood)

39. Sewers – (ProtecTARPS, SUN VALLEY, CA 91352)

40. Purchasing Manaager – (Santa Clarita)

41. Warehouse/Inventory Control Manager – Bilingual – (North Hollywood)

Tue May 15

43. CNC Programmer/Manufacturing Engineer/Machinist – (Santa Clarita)

44. Program Manager / Project Manager / Manufacturing – (Valencia)

45. Quality Assurance / Control – (Valencia)

46. Warehouse Positions – (Santa Clarita)

2 thoughts on “A Week’s Worth of San Fernando Valley Manufacturing Jobs

  1. Yes–and when you wonder about “manufacturing”–remember Lockheed in Burbank “won” the
    Second World War as much as the soldiers did–trying naming the largest employer in the San Fernando Valley.

    I’m told it’s KAISER PERMANENTE. If it’s the largest employer, than who employs all the people who have KAISER coverage? That ought to scare anyone about “Obamacare” (or the national health law package) no matter your politics.


    1. Thanks for your comment.

      The reason Kaiser Permanente is the largest employer is due to the fact that Americans spend more per capita on health care than any other first world country. Our high premiums
      go to support an enormous and expensive bureaucracy of health care corporations. Kaiser earns billions and pays its top executives millions from high premiums.

      If you oppose Obamacare, and national government sponsored single payer healthcare, then you SUPPORT high premiums and large corporate health care.

      I’m not scared of “Obamacare” I am scared that you believe spending $600 a month or more for a $7,000 deductible policy with Kaiser is normal.


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