A37 and A19

According to an email letter sent out by Van Nuys LAPD Senior Lead Officer Steve Underwood….

A37 and A19 areas are undergoing some personnel changes.
A37 has not had a working Senior Lead Officer for the last 18 months.
But on November 4th, 2012 Officer Underwood will again be 9SLO37
And A19 is covered by Van Nuys Area Officer John Larsen…but only temporarily.

A37 and A19 are secret code names for various sections of Van Nuys.

If residents of either A37 or A19 see crime they are urged to report it to either the new officer or the temporary officer assigned to that district.

“Community members and friends,

A change is upon us. As many of you know there has been a bit of movement in our
Van Nuys Area Senior Lead Office. It is SLO Steve Underwood’s turn to move to another basic car area.

There has been a vacancy in the Greater Valley Glen area also known as A37. This area has not had a working permanent Senior Lead Officer in approximately 18 months. Effective Sunday, November 4th, SLO Steve Underwood will be 9SLO37, again serving a large portion of the community south of Victory Boulevard.

The area known as A19 is still in good hands. Van Nuys Area Officer John Larsen
(email: 37045@lapd.lacity.org) also effective Sunday, November 4th will be temporarily assigned to 9SL19. Officer Larsen has a thorough work history and has served the Van Nuys community for over four years. His experience will be an asset to the Senior Lead Office. Officer Larsen can be contacted from my City Cell phone number (818-731-2566).
While the names may change the cell phone numbers will stay the same.

I will do my best to introduce Officer Larsen to the A19 community and make the transition a smooth one.

This change is not intended to create a negative affect but instead it’s intended to be a positive transition and strengthen the greater Van Nuys Community.

Please, contact Officer Larsen a help him continue to make the community strong and safe.

It has been my distinct pleasure serving the people that live and conduct business in the A19 area. I am not leaving the SLO Office or the Van Nuys Area and can still be contacted through my email.

I look forward to seeing you soon,

Steve Underwood
Van Nuys Area, LAPD
Senior Lead Office

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