The DePauk Family in Van Nuys.




Gilmore studio


Phil DePauk, who now lives in Virginia, has been a follower of this blog for a few years
and he graciously sent me some new (old) photos from his family archives. He is the young boy in these photos.

Phil DePauk and his extended family lived in Van Nuys in the 1940s and 50s and operated a well-known local photo studio located at Gilmore and Van Nuys Bl. It closed in the early 1960s.


One of the other addresses that pops up is: 14204 Haynes St. a block located just west of Hazeltine. Phil either lived or spent time here.

A recent Google Maps view shows that the neighborhood is still single-family residential, but now many of the once plain and friendly houses are sheathed in ironwork and other embellishments of modern paranoia.


There are many cars in these photos. Phil’s father worked at Wray Brothers Ford which was located near the intersection of Calvert and VNB, two blocks n. of Oxnard.

I wrote to Phil this morning to clarify some family facts and here are his words:

“My Dad worked as a mechanic at Wray Brothers Ford from 1948 to 1958.

After Ford, my Dad worked at Pacific Tire and Battery Co. on Sylvan St. across from the old library.

My Uncle Ed (now age 83, sharp as a tack and living in Canoga Park) started working at California Bank (Sylvan and VN Blvd) after his discharge from the Army.

He subsequently worked at numerous other banks before retiring as a Vice President. My Uncle Dan was the manager of the McMahans used furniture store before his transfer to Marysville. My Uncle Bill started his own photo studio in North Hollywood. My Uncle Ed lives in Canoga Park and always enjoys reliving memories and making new friends if you have an interest.”

4 thoughts on “The DePauk Family in Van Nuys.

  1. “Modern paranoia?” You make it sound like the higher rate of burglaries and other crime exists only in the minds of the overly fearful or eccentric. Tell that to all the people in areas like Van Nuys who’ve had their homes broken into—I won’t say anything about other types of felonies.

    We live in an age when LA, in certain major ways, has increasingly become a “Pottersville” instead of a “Bedford Falls.”

    I know one family who lived in the Valley for decades without any problem until about 10 years ago. Then they too finally got a taste of “modern paranoia” when a thief pried open a window of their home and stole quite a few of their possessions. They’ve since relocated to the Seattle area.


    1. My use of the term “modern paranoia” is referring to the prison style and the way some houses are fortified.
      I have no disagreement or argument with the fact that we live in a high crime area, with not only violence and burglary, but
      disrespect on the road, speeding, texting, running red lights. LAPD is short staffed. We don’t have enough enforced laws.

      I too live with “modern paranoia” but choose to do it without ugly iron gates and a concrete front lawn. That style actually diminishes
      community and neighborliness because each homeowner lives behind hardened fortifications. Which further causes crime to increase because
      people do what they want on the street without any eyes watching them.


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