Riders at METRO RAPID LINE 734 in Van Nuys.
Riders at METRO RAPID LINE 734 in Van Nuys.

Despite upgrades and vast physical improvements in buses, trains and modes of public transport in Los Angeles, there are still glaring and inhumane gaps in the Metro System that seem to be devised to torture and humiliate the people who ride them.

One of them is this garbage-filled, plastic bench waiting area at Metro’s Rapid Line #734 stop in Van Nuys near Oxnard and Sepulveda. It is a direct connection for riders who come from across the street off the Orange Line and intend to travel north on Sepulveda. Sometimes as many as 30 people stand here and wait, baking in the noxious Valley heat, next to a bench that can accommodate only three.

Out in the sun, out in the rain, riders stand; without overhead shelter or trees, in front of the oil soaked parking lot of Pet Boys, where cars inside service areas are treated better than humans standing outside.

To add insult to injury, most of the riders are dressed in all black, a hue which absorbs the most sunlight.

One thought on “Baking in the Sun, Waiting For the Bus.

  1. Agree…L.A. thinks it is sooo advanced with a public transit system that really for the most part, nobody but people who don’t drive or have cars will ever really use(L.A. is too much of a car culture, for better or worse, unlike New York, where nearly everybody takes some form of public transit), and then they can’t even make it comfortable for people with bigger or additional benches or even shelter or trees. Real smart thinking, powers that be! Then again, these people responsible for trying to get Angelenos to take public transit don’t even take it themselves! They’re not going to give up their cars.


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