The “Handicap” Parking Tag.

Without cars, without traffic, without parking, Los Angeles would be a much pleasanter place.

Rage, anger, aggression all the lovely emotions that cars and drivers emit, all of it would go away.

But until that day, we have parking lots, and we have people who abuse handicap parking.

My late father was handicapped for five years, going from cane to walker to wheelchair, so I have a particular familiarity with disablement. Now my mother walks with a cane and also has a sticker to hang from her rear view car mirror.

I am temporarily not old or disabled.

This morning, as I was driving away from LA Fitness in Van Nuys, a woman turned in front of me, and pulled her Black VW Rabbit right into the first disabled person space near the gym entrance. She got out of the car, a woman about 35, in her spandex and sneakers, fast going into the facility. I shouted out to her, “This is a handicap space”. To which she replied, walking fast, “I am a handicap…”

Parking Enforcement Bureau

Later on, I decided to report her. And this is where it gets funny. 818-752-5100 told me to call 818-756-8438 and when I called 818-756-8438 they told me to call 5100 again and press “option #2”. Then I called 5100 and a person answered and said there was no option 2. I told her I wanted to report the illegal use of handicap at LA Fitness on Sepulveda near Erwin. She said, “Sir, I need an address. Erwin at Sepulveda in Van Nuys is not an address.” I went home and turned on my computer and called them back with the proper address: 6161 Sepulveda. Then they asked me what cross streets the address was near! The answer: Erwin/Sepulveda.

It’s a small matter, one of the small illegalities I often mention in this blog. Yes, it’s just abuse of a handicap placard. Compared to murder, assault, drive-by shootings, or a meth lab, it’s not much. So just let it pass. Let the trash pile up, let the taggers tag, let the streets be swamped with garage sales, let the whores work, let the johns get blown, let the dogs bark all night, let it go baby, let it go….

One thought on “The “Handicap” Parking Tag.

  1. What fries my ass about it is the “The rules don’t apply to me” attitude behind it. The “I’m so important I can’t waste time walking a hundred feet so I’ll park by the door” mentality. It’s a symptom of a larger issue, of a growing number of people who are so self consumed that they don’t have room in their consciousness for other people, that the rest of us are just impediments in their day full of oh so important tasks. And yes, as you said in your final paragraph…it’s creepy incivility like this that leads to larger issues.


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