Burbank: Last Friday Night of Every Month.

4 thoughts on “Burbank: Last Friday Night of Every Month.

  1. Regarding the LA FITNESS “deal”–I’d allow you to quote me–if you wanted to rewrite the piece. But you do need to say–yourself–that the “next level of Valley development” is coming–and it won’t just be a 2 story apartment you might live with–but 3 and 4 and 5 story buildings–parking garages–all crammed into whatever open spaces are left near your neighborhood.


  2. Second–remember LA FITNESS? You’d think the developers were done on that property? No–they’re begging to split the lot into 3 lots–(and say they can because they can hold LA FITNESS to build a parking garage). Having made the “deal”–they want to squeeze more in–and when Van Nuys Neighborhood Council got its chance–they went along.
    Look at Sepulveda Bl–LA FITNESS may be alright–but Sepulveda near Costco is too full of traffic already. Then remember that Nick Patsouras, member of the RTD bboard–wanted to turn the Sepulveda Orange Line Park and Ride into piled on housing–with its own piled on parking garages–and you see how Van Nuys’ neighborhoods are at risk.


  3. Looking for stories? One–there is a very unique l9ll Craftsman house for sale (was for sale recently) on Friar St–just west of Hazeltine.
    On a Sunday–you might even get to do a “look-i-lou”.


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