Rose Days



6610 Orion Ave



Along the pretty streets in the lush neighborhood north of Victory, west of Sepulveda, on Peach, Orion, Firmament, and Lemay Streets, there are numerous roses at the peak of bloom.

The flowers sit on properties with big lawns, round driveways, mature trees, picket fences; all-American looking estates, many dating from the 1940s.

Most still retain an open appearance, but on Peach, especially, the iron walls of garish and hostile security fences have broken up the grand openness and quaint neighborliness that once marked this district.



4 thoughts on “Rose Days

  1. Towns change–I was surprised to see in the l950’s DAILY NEWS that
    Van Nuys had a float in the Tournament of Roses New Year’s Day parade. Times change–the parade has changed–with many, most floats sponsored by large corporations– Still, it’s interesting to think back at the community spirit shown back then–and compare it today.


      1. Hey–I even had a “4th of July” idea for Van Nuys–a simple kids and bicycles and parents with baby strollers parading–down Hamlin Street–behind the Van Nuys High band. Hamlin St was the “Broadway” of the l9ll Van Nuys plan–the wide quiet tree-lined street still holds up today as the perfect place for the “right-sized” quiet summer day’s
        Fourth of July parade.

        And with great fun, I had the “idea” in my pocket one night, when the
        Van Nuys Neighborhood Council went ballistic that the Hispanic Councilman was sponsoring a “Cinco de Mayo event. Throwing the rocks was easy–but no one wanted my “idea” as the counterpoint.


  2. I have to say when I first moved to Van Nuys (I live on Orion Ave.) I was somewhat wanting to put up a fence too. But I had a good thought about it and decided not to. I think a fence sends a message, that I am trying to keep the “riff-raff” out, but also that I NEED this to feel safe. I think that if someone really wanted to get in they would get in. With or without a fence.


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