Good citizen Maria Scherzer sent me an agenda document from the much respected Van Nuys Neighborhood Council whose work is so fundamental in making Van Nuys a great place to live. (See photo above)

I hadn’t thought much of the VNNC lately…except when I walked down Van Nuys Boulevard last week past homeless men, garbage piles next to the Marvin Braude Center, and finally stopped at the shuttered doors of the closed down Post Office. I wondered how a post office next to government offices, the police, library and in the center of the so-called business district goes dark, but I guess that is Van Nuys, 2013.

So let’s see (some of ) what’s on the agenda for the Wednesday June 12th meeting of the VNNC:

1. Comedy Show Presentation
2. Procedure to elect an Honorary Mayor of Van Nuys: Robert Redford, Tom Selleck, Sally Field, Paula Abdul or the “Lollipop Guild Actor from the Wizard of Oz”. The last named contender would have to be a minimum of 73 years of age, if he were only one year old when the 1939 Wizard of Oz was made.
3. Vote for removal of Katrina White from VNNC Board (that Cat is sure hated).
4. Sister City Proposal to link Van Nuys with Abuja, Nigeria or Van Nuys, Indiana.

Drive by shootings, a business district that is full of pawn shops and trash, vast treeless and unrented sections of commercial streets (Victory, Vanowen), crime, littered and neglected slum malls, abandoned houses , neglected properties, and falling down apartments. Those are the priorities and the problems of our district.

Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria looks to be a vibrant, modern city, much more advanced than, say, Van Nuys, CA.

But let’s get back to the Munchkins.

The VNNC is spending its time electing a Munchkin for honorary mayor….

Think about that.



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