The arrival of record player, kids dancing in the yard, adults frolicking and laughing, this is Van Nuys 57 years ago as seen in this Munnecke Family Home movie.

3 thoughts on “1956 Van Nuys Family Home Movies

  1. My dad was constantly running over to the Sight and Sound store to buy replacement TV tubes–seems like one blew out every two weeks or so. (1959)


  2. Wow … the boy with what looks like an Erector Set on the ground reminds me of slides (we never had a movie camera) of me just a few years later with things I built.
    Yes, Jon, I remember the House of Sight and Sound and listening to a record in a booth before deciding to buy it. Not unlike the iTunes store now.


  3. And who remembers Van Nuys’ upscale television and stereo store?
    THE HOUSE OF SIGHT AND SOUND–on the northwest corner of Van Nuys and Victory?
    What a name–an endless sponsor on the radio with an Edith Piaf instrumental playing under the announcer–who would close with “Victory and Van Nuys–in the heart (pause) of Van Nuys”.


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