The Police, the People and the Prostitutes.

CVS, Erwin at Sepulveda, 9:30am
CVS, Erwin at Sepulveda, 9:30am

A few months back, April 17, 2013, to be exact, this community held a meeting at the Columbus Avenue School led by LAPD Officer Vince DiMauro. The topic on everyone’s mind was prostitution, its egregious and omnipresent existence a fact of life on our streets.

The group was well attended and there was seeming agreement that the vice problem was under control. Officer DiMauro assured us that what we thought was a growing problem was actually getting smaller as the LAPD monitored and restrained the famed whore motels, so the Room #37 Blow Job and Penetration Special at the Voyager, was now conducted in cars on Hamlin, Lemay, Burnett, Columbus and Kittridge.

Anecdotal stories are now pouring in from neighbors that the whores are back and bigger than ever.

The morning drive along Sepulveda now includes fat blondes in fishnet stockings, stiletto heels and pink satin dresses; and skintight pink leggings longingly leaning against the light pole at Erwin and Sepulveda. A neighbor, who works nights, assures me that when he returns home at Midnight there are more walking women than drivers in Van Nuys.

The idea that prostitution is under control because it’s out of the motel room and into the streets is ludicrous. What we see and know is what’s going on. The evidence of illegal activity is as apparent as the abandoned couch along the sidewalk.

There was just an election in this ungoverned section of Los Angeles and a new Council Person, Nury Martinez, will represent District #6. Along with her upcoming appearances at Cinco de Mayo festivals, she should take a walk on Sepulveda, camera in hand, in the morning, afternoon or night, and see the spectacle for herself.

7 thoughts on “The Police, the People and the Prostitutes.

  1. I don’t live in Van Nuys, and haven’t been there in thirty years, but we’ve been dealing with a similar problem (drugs) in my neighborhood in Albuquerque, and here’s what we’ve found.

    1. It’s not a high profile crime, and there’s no money to be made in forfeiture, so the cops don’t care. They’ll send a representative to your community meetings who will listen, smile, suggest noting tag numbers, then report back to their superiors that everything is fine and you all love them and they job they do.

    2. Considering the population of council districts in L.A., you’re going to need your representative to get about a thousand emails. I would suggest enlisting business owners to email them as well, and go knock on doors, hand out their phone numbers and emails, and ask people to email or call.

    3. A picture is worth a thousand words, and video is worth ten thousand. Get the media involved. You HAVE to bring outside attention to the problem.

    4. You have to become a pain in the ass. If you don’t get a response from your representative, email the L.A.Times and any valley newspapers and let them know that, as well as what’s going on. Email your representative at least weekly, demanding that the problem be addressed, and then asking for progress reports.

    5. DO NOT allow the cops to tell you you have to funnel information through one or two neighborhood people. That’s a tactic they use, hoping those individuals will quickly become overwhelmed and lose interest. The police work for YOU, and you do not have to have an intermediary speak for you.

    6. Keep it up, and you will get results.


  2. I still find it hard to believe there is prostitution in Van Nuys:( This isn’t the Van Nuys I remember from the ’60’s & ’70’s! Sad.


  3. The prostitution problem is out of control. I saw three more prostitutes brazenly soliciting business at the corner of Kittridge and Sepulveda at 10:30 am Monday morning; returned from the Dodger game last night and saw the same outside the Voyager Motel at 11:30 pm.

    I wrote the following letter to our new councilwoman, Nury Martinez, and I urge other residents of Van Nuys who are as fed up with this problem as I am to do the same. It is becoming apparently clear that law enforcement and our local government are complacent and unresponsive, and they will only take action if we force them to do so. Again, please join in raising your voice and demanding action be taken to eliminate this scourge!

    July 29, 2013

    Nury Martinez
    Los Angeles City Council Member, District Six
    200 N. Spring St., Room 425
    Los Angeles, CA 90012

    Dear Ms. Martinez:

    I am writing to seek your help in addressing an insidious problem that has plagued Van Nuys for decades.

    Prostitution along Sepulveda Boulevard, specifically in the area north of Burbank Boulevard, is not only a blight on our community, responsible in part for lowering property values and eroding the morale of an otherwise vibrant and family-oriented neighborhood, but it is also a crime, endangering any resident with whom the increasing number of pimps, prostitutes or johns come into contact.

    Lately the problem seems to have gotten out of hand: indeed, one can drive along Sepulveda Boulevard at any hour of the day and see prostitutes strolling the boulevard or soliciting business on any street corner. It is not at all uncommon to see scantily clad women—in broad daylight—making deals with johns just a few feet from young mothers and their children at a bus stop. Neither is it uncommon to walk the dog or stroll with my godson the neighborhoods surrounding Sepulveda and encounter the disgusting evidence of their crimes—soiled condoms from their transactions line our sidewalks and our streets. As if this isn’t bad enough, women from the neighborhood, oftentimes dressed casually or professionally and bearing no resemblance to the stereotypical image of a prostitute, cannot walk down Sepulveda without being propositioned for a ‘date.’ And, as stories spread of neighbors who have had confrontations with these criminals, residents of our community live in fear of the unpredictable and sometimes threatening behavior of the johns, prostitutes, and pimps that have slowly taken over our streets.

    I can assure you I am not the only resident angered by the prostitution. It is a constant topic of discussion on our neighborhood watch’s active Facebook page, and it sparked a contentious debate on how to best deal with it at our last neighborhood watch meeting. Unfortunately, despite the best intentions and many wonderful ideas of the residents dedicated to attacking this problem, city government and the Los Angles Police Department has been largely unresponsive, allowing the problem to flourish.

    So, I think I speak for many, many residents of our neighborhood when I ask you, what are you planning to do to help our neighborhood ameliorate the firmly-entrenched and long-standing problem of prostitution in our community?

    I look forward to hearing from you, and I think you’ll find a constituency ready, willing, and able to work with you and do their part to help make Van Nuys a better place.



    1. Well-written letter Bernie! Even though I no longer live in Van Nuys, it is still my hometown, I still go visit occasionally, and I think some letters & e-mails from those of us former residents who still love Van Nuys but are heartbroken by what we see(or hear about)can also go a long way in spreading the word that this has to stop!!!


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