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Fast-food wrappers and soda containers litter the parking lot of the LA Fitness on Sepulveda in Van Nuys.

For at least five months, discarded lumber, illegally dumped, has lain scattered.  Members on their way to step class or leaving the gym scarf down burgers, fries and dump their refuse right on the pavement.

The culture of Van Nuys.


9 thoughts on “LA Fitness Van Nuys.

  1. Try emailing the corporate office and CC the district manager and location manager. Keep on them for it. It usually works if you’re respectful about it, though it’s never helped me with the MacArthur Park 99 Cents Only store.


  2. It doesn’t look like the property owner keeps up his end of the bargain. There’s a surprisingly large chunk of society that’s on the fence about littering– they will if it looks like it’s acceptable, and they won’t if it looks like it’s not. And if it looks long-term acceptable, they will do it every time when they return.


  3. I highly doubt that it is only people from Van Nuys that use this gym or that leave the parking lot a mess. It is on the boarder of Sheman Oaks. No?


    1. Many, perhaps most, LA Fitness patrons are
      from areas adjacent to and beyond Van Nuys
      Trashy people create trashy areas.
      Ghetto is a state of mind.


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