The publicly financed METRO has found a new way to earn some cash.

They are renting out about one-third of the Orange Line Busway parking lot to Keyes, Keyes, Keyes, Keyes in Van Nuys.

The lot, at Erwin near Sepulveda, was built, in the LA way, for bus riders to park their cars while they ride their bus and bike.

Someone very wise and very powerful at METRO must have concluded that most bus riders don’t own automobiles. So why not earn some bucks renting an enormous expanse of asphalt, planted with many hundreds of trees that lies fallow and unused?

The lovely neighborhood which abuts this lot to the north has been justifiably paranoid about proposed development plans which have included hundreds of town homes, office buildings, and potential additional retail stores. Hemmed in by the 405 Freeway, nightly helicopters, noxious fumes, prostitutes, trash, illegals and pimps on Sepulveda; oil storage tanks, psychics and speeding psychotics, the homeowners in these rose-covered cottages can do little about their immediate environment but rent out their properties to movie companies.

Perhaps a very large car park, rented out on public land to private industry, is a good thing. Nobody makes noise. Parked cars are silent and quite neighborly.

So for now the publicly paid for land is being used in that most characteristically Angeleno way, as a home for cars.

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