Just some normal Saturday morning excitement of leaving to go to the gym at 8am
and witnessing three Latinos running from a home they had just burglarized.

LAPD showed up within minutes, along with helicopters.

The suspect(s) were caught near Van Nuys Boulevard.

After I took these photos, I was walking near a neighbor’s home and found a discarded Disney credit card that had been stolen and thrown into the bushes. I called the cc company and they said it had already been reported.

2 thoughts on “Some Morning Excitement.

  1. I think that an aware neighbor who spotted a possible crime in progress and had the good sense to call police and have the criminals apprehended is a fairly good example of crime mitigation.


  2. yet the seventy or so people on our neighborhood’s facebook page are more concerned with where to get some decent takeout then banding together to mitigate crime. bwahahahaha!!!


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