Bus Stop Crebelley, Vaud, Switzerland © 2013 Gerald Verdon
Bus Stop
Crebelley, Vaud, Switzerland
© 2013 Gerald Verdon

Later this year, friends and family from Zurich, Switzerland will visit here in Van Nuys. In that lovely nation public transport is dignified, clean, cheap and abundant. (see photo above)

The visitors will see Los Angeles with Swiss eyes, a city where trash sits on Sepulveda in both human and inhuman formations. Only Disneyland and Magic Mountain will come close to presenting an ideal city. That’s our American dream.

But for the bus riders who must wait in the sun, without protection, for 30 or 45 or 60 minutes, before a bus arrives, for these people trudging up to work at low paying jobs putting bagels into bags, or unloading boxes, imagine how their day starts before work?

Imagine they must sit here at the beginning and sometimes the end of their day. And think of what this says about Los Angeles, that our bus system is so neglected that people are treated no better than garbage.

What do Mayor Garcetti and Councilwoman Nury Martinez plan to do about this?

734 Bus at Sepulveda and Busway, Van Nuys, CA.  By Andy Hurvitz
734 Bus at Sepulveda and Busway, Van Nuys, CA. By Andy Hurvitz



6 thoughts on “Waiting for the Bus on Sepulveda

  1. Unless your Swiss friends are lucky and enter LAX through Bradley International terminal they will already have gotten a good taste of “third world” conditions at our airport. Sepulveda Boulevard bus stops should come as no surprise after that.


  2. Andy, you never fail to be “thought provoking”…but most of the people now cramming into L.A. did not come for milk and cookies, they came for a PIECE OF THE AMERICAN DREAM! And that’s just not how it works. Also, though many came with humility, they also came without education, others have failed to advance with what has been offered them-FOR FREE-and have thus fallen into the traps of poverty, abandonment, disillusionment and despair. For the rest: drugs, alcoholism, prostitution, and further criminal activity have become their norm. Their presence is a dirge upon the land and can never be eradicated. The police will be blamed; the courts will be held accountable. But never will these citizens choose to climb out of their chosen roles in life. They will simply keep blaming others, try to collect government restitution (called welfare, food stamps, etc.), and continue to breed more of the same.
    I used to challenge my own father over these issues, but he was unbelievably right. He taught me to work-hard-take care of the ones I love and lead an honorable life…and try to help others-at least to the point before they bankrupt you-I nearly forgot his wisdom but am hanging on for dear life on that one! Nope, you cannot drag people away from their choices. You cannot blame politicians for a citizens’ lack of interest in participating in the ‘human community’. And you can not throw money at everything and expect it to suddenly become right.
    Those bus stops get trash cans and do need to be cleaned on a regular basis. but how many times have I watched people throw their trash on the street anyway. I watch my own neighbors develop habits of tossing their trash in my yard as they walk by…EVERY DAY!!! I think you know how those types can be changed-and it’s not by standing there and yelling at them.
    I wish I could call this a rant. But having lived in the same place for nearly 57 years, I have seen all kinds come and go, and the most disturbing part about my vision (though mercifully receding) is the fact that it’s no longer about any particular culture. it’s about young generations who no longer care about, or respect anything or anyone. I can definitely understand what drove so many of the older folks to move away from the state completely-somehow thinking they would be abandoning these attitudes for some memorable leap back into the age of “Father knows Best”. I no longer resent them for leaving us behind. I now realize they knew they could no longer hold onto the life they had once known. So they chose the path of least resistance-far away from the ever more crowded cities throughout this country and the world.
    Poor, poor Van Nuys. I am glad I can still remember things like the Fox theater-last a used shoe store on V.N. Bl. just north of Victory…or the block the Fed’s annihilated for their necessary buildings????? So we gained a post office and more courts rooms for lawyers and convictions…more space for bail bondsmen and sleazy quick check cashing places. We lost another great theater off that same block-a landmark from early Van Nuys. we lost Engineer Bill’s Restaurant-anyone remember that one? And a whole lotta mom and pop shops full of interesting things made here in America my American workers.
    Though I certainly respect the folks still trying to make it work, one of best ironies was the Army/Navy Surplus being owned by some folks from India…amazing. yes, I do remember the early owners. I noticed a Pat’s Liquor on Kester where the old train tracks used to be. Funny thing is…there used to be a Pats’ Liquor off same said train tracks, but on Van Nuys Blvd.-anyone remember that? It was just south of there where the cars would take their sharp turns to return to the main strip for cruising on Wednesday nights (@Oxnard)-through the early 1970’s. Note: the influx of car dealers was one of the biggest reasons for canceling the cruising craze-they were terrified of having damage done to their cars-another irony?
    And I swear to you I have seen some of the earliest pictures of the town of Van Nuys. And the first one appears to have been near new buildings right their where that old Pat’s Liquor once was? Can anyone else verify without making me go to the land office and back check? To much trouble for a simple answer…
    Alas, thanks to Andy for continually finding some goodly thoughts and hopeful-if not dismayed-areas for photography and a bit of “futurism”…rl


  3. Wow, what a contrast between the first photo and the others. Heartbreaking. You always capture Van Nuys so vividly and honestly with your words and photos. Thanks!!


    1. Dear Jon Hendry,

      Member of the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council
      and POSO resident…
      Yes, last week we noticed this public dumping of furniture
      next to the LA County Probation Department located at
      14540 Haynes Street.
      So we, rather than running with camera or posting a snide
      comment, immediately made the appropriate call to have
      the items picked up on trash day this week.


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