Posture_contest_1958 copy


Posture_contest_1958 copy 2

It is hard to imagine that there were once posture contests and posture winners in Van Nuys.
Leaders, like President/General Eisenhower, stood straight.

On May 5, 1958, The L.A. Examiner wrote: “Loretta Fountain, 17, of Van Nuys High School, brushes away tears of joy as she holds trophy for best posture in senior girls division of posture contest.” Ms. Fountain was joined by Barbara Hinze, 14, Van Nuys Junior High, junior girl winner; Harold Lindsey, 18, Banning High, senior boy winner; Paul MacGregor, 14, Sutter Junior High, junior boy winner.

Today youthful good posture has been replaced by the slouching, texting teen.

(Photos: USC Digital Library)

One thought on “Posture Contest, Van Nuys, 1958

  1. My Mom shut down the posture contests in the San Fernando Valley; as they were nothing but another way for old wrinkled, pervy white men to get their rocks off. I refused to strip down to my bra; and called my Mom. Mom promptly showed up, and let those freaks have it. Thank you Mom, that’s one time you had my back.


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